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April 24 2009 New York City

Just got back from Milano, here is pic from last eve in Milano with boys watching the square where Carlo's best friend live. I guess something never change... they were talking about all the motorcycles everybody drove by...

I do not want to be all philosophical on you, but I thought of it (and kind confirmed it doing the little trip to Milano) that life is what you make of it, and not plan of it. Ok, all the "Nature" esk movie tells you that, and all the "Cool" kids in office might tell you that too.. but who actually do it? I think its a gift that we have that I met Carlo and being able to dream more than what I thought my life plan was.

Right now, we dream of Argentina!!!

March 22

P.S. the really nice cab driver on my way to airport (In New York) was from Ambato Ecuador. He told me about an amazing land where he grew up till his father died when he was 9... and he had to leave and support his mother and sisters. He told me to do not skip the beautiful city where we can see a beautiful clear sky and high mountain, and eat beautiful fruits. Sound like a paradise!