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May 27 2009 Center Moriches, LI. NY

We set up our Gone Penguin Headquarter, sponsored by our friend Melissa
& Billy's house in Long Island.

Melissa's Dad Mr. Cohen is little worry about our trip... He wants to put us a GPS... to make sure we do not get lost in this big continent.

Carlo went to Albany again, for our BMW bike's at 600miles . She(the bike!!) came out from the test and 3 hour SPA nice and shiny.

This time I went alone, and did 460 miles in a day to go check the bike and come back... long ride but really a piece of cake for the BMW F800GS, not for me because the average temperature was 58F all day. I pushed "her" till 120Mph, and she could still goooo...faster!! I hope the cops can't read this...opss!! And obviously I'll not travel this fast with the load and the precious wife on board. Not to mention that if Toni didn't divorce me on the first day, when we went to pick "her' up, I guess I've married the right woman...that day was the worst possible, when we got to MAX BMW, it started raining and we got water for more then 100miles before getting home. Lucky we were still living in NY for the last week. - Carlo

May 25 2009 Center Moriches, LI. NY

We took a little drive out to Orient Point after Carlo made me help put up the tent (which he made me sleep in that night...) –Toni

Yes, I made my wife test the tent, because is going to be our house on many occasions... I really think that there are only few days for final take off, so I just want to make sure that everything is in place. Tools, equipment and all, and thanks to Melissa and Billy we're able to test everything in their yard. They're also stroing our boxes for this year. - Carlo

Orient Point is the East end of Lond Island. Beautiful day out.

May 22 2009 New York City / Center Moriches, LI. NY

Bye bye New York. We' ve officially left New York City. I have been living there since 1995. I will miss it.. as much as I wanted to leave for last 2 month to this trip, I just remember that every time I see the view of New York coming back from out of town trips, it gave me a smile...
– Toni

This picture was taken while moving all our stuf to Melisa and billy' home in Long Island.... such a long day!! But NY skyline is DA SKYLINE.
- Carlo

May 21 2009 New York City

Our friend Andy dicided to cook dinner for us. and our friend Clelia made us the world famous Tiramisu. It was a big dinner... Thank you!!

And I love you both!!
– Toni

May 20 2009 New York City

We came home today, and had a card in mail from my old boss, Mr. Kojima (my 1st boss who gave me a waitress job and took care of me like his daughter for long long time!) Him and his wife gave us a card and $100 check toward our gas for our trip! How nice are they?

– Toni
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