gone penguin

Thank you so much for providing us with

– Lodging
– Gas
– Food + Drinks
– Hot Shower
– Groceries

Trancoso, Brazil | Bob! bob It was so great meeting you, and thank you for many many laugh, and thank you for letting us stay in Uxua!!

Trancoso, Brazil | bebelBebel, Thank you for the great dinner with your family and friends!

Trancoso, Brazil | Johnny,johnny you were the best capoera teacher I ever had. Thank you!!

Trancoso, Brazil | wilbertWilbert, a beautiful beautiful hotel you have! And thank you so so sooo much for letting us stay in your such a beautiful paradise, with Turquoise swimming pool. My favorite, shower in the tree!!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | giacomoGiacomo, graci mille for the beach trips, and many parties in Rio!! It was so nice to see you in Rio, away from cold New York weather, and your good smile with great samba of Rio!!! AND please thank your girl friendgiacomo "thank you (TONI) for Samba lesson at Plaza!"

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | Maria Elena Verdi !!elena Thank you so so sooooo much for everything in the middle of carnival, taking us around all over,letting us stay in your APT, letting us take over Cici's room, making me (TONI) caprina on my birthday, letting me watch princess stories withcici your little Cici, going to Impanama, and Copacabana beach with us, cooking one of my fav. Pasta which I always knew your pasta was best in the world, and of all, I am so happy to see you as friend again!!! Biggest kiss to you Elena! –Toni

Buenos Aires, Argentina | Andy! silvia We do not know how to thank you!! Thank you for your APT, driving us around EVERYWHERE, coming out on Carlo's b-day and buying all of us bottle of wine + Beer! And all the chips we ate at your APT, and eveything else! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Ruta 40, Argentina | silvia Frank! It was so amazin riding with you! And thanks for the lunch in middle of Ruta 40! and dinner at Rio Grande! And most of all, thank you for your company!!!

Santiago, Chile | Thank you Ralph + Paula for great New Years Dinner and lovely party!!!

Santa Marta, Colombia | Silviasilvia, Thank you for come get us, drove us around, and took us out for dinner!!!

Santa Marta, Colombia | Thank you so so much again Richard + Martamarta_rich for letting us stay at your beach house!

Catagena, Colombia | Thank you so much Rich + Marta marta_richfor invinting us to your home for Sunday lunch!!

Catagena, Colombia | Thank you ferranFerran + luzLuz for inviting us to your fab. restaurant, Tamarindo at Plaza Fernandez Madrid!!

Catagena, Colombia (New York) |Thank you george George for hooking us up to his friend Rich & Marta in Colombia!!

Gone Penguin Project | From New York to Patagonia