gone penguin
Who is going to Penguin.

初めまして。 ただ今 南アメリカへ 一年間 バイクで 旅行へ出る予定の 里美(toni) です。
夫のカルロと ニューヨークから 来週出発予定です。 よろしく。

this is us!

Carlo and Toni, dreaming about the motorcycle trip....

Carlo Boffi Jr. | email: carlobjr@hotmail.com

I was born in Brazil, and raised in Italy. I moved to Africa when I was 10, where I became addicted to motorcycles, and lived my teenager years dreaming about the Paris Dakar... Later I lived on 4 continents, and raced Enduro in the Italian championships... In other words, I think I was born to ride. During my years around the world with multiple jobs in multiple fields, every once in a while I needed a break... Nothing made me feel more free than to be on a motorcycle, cruising through some amazing panorama. And this time I'll be able to share the experience with my lovely wife. I could not ask for more...

その後 彼は四大陸に住み、イタリアの長距離耐久レースも... 言い換えれば、彼はバイクに乗るために生まれたのかも。。。(と自信満々、)
その後、 仕事で 彼方此方国に住んだが、たまには休憩が必要。 素晴らしいパノラマをバイクで走る時の 
自由な気持ちが大好き。今回 “私は、妻とこの経験をしてみれるのは最高だな”、と話ています。

Carlo Boffi Jr in Action!ph M. Gaddo
This is me circa 2004 riding on the beach of Pipa, Brazil, where i have a beautiful house...

この写真、ブラジルのビーチタウン、ピパ( カルロの家 )で2004年に友達が撮ってくれたもの。

Toni Satomi Ichikawa | email: toni@teambstudio.com

Born in Japan, (But not in a big city), left home to be an exchange student at age 14.. My host families lived in Arizona, California, and Kentucky. I have called the US home ever since… I ended up finishing high school in Long Island, New York.
I try to travel everywhere I dream of, as much as $$ allows me to. Since I discovered surfing, I have traveled to Hawaii, Fiji, Costa Rica, and Mexico… to surf that is not so big to kill me, but that will let me have a little fun, the small kind. I have been living and working in New York non stop for the last 10 yrs. I love the city but I also love beach so much!

日本生まれ、育ち。(長野の田舎です)14歳の時に交換留学生として アメリカ へきました。
私のホストファミリーは、アリゾナ 州 、カリフォルニア州、ケンタッキー 州。米国家庭以来...私は
サーフを初めて からは、ハワイ、フィジー、コスタリカ、メキシコへ小さな、暖かい波を探しながら 

Toni in action!ph Ian
This is me surfing in small day in Hawaii, summer 2007. Yes, small day, and I remember it was easily double overhead crushing on coals... ah!

この写真、2007年夏にハワイで。ノースショアの小さい波の日です。 小さい日なのにダブルオーバーヘッドの 波が、ガンガンサンゴの上に。

Gone Penguin Project | From New York to Patagonia
Gone Penguin Project | From New York to Patagonia