gone penguin

Here is little something about our passion of traveling on Motorcycle.

私達の旅、又、バイク好きな 理由は、というと。。。


We, Carlo & Toni, have been dreaming about the trip of a lifetime, and with the recession increasing and too many high-stress days at work, last October we decided that was time to take some time off.

私達の 一生に一度は行ってみたかった、やってみたかったという 夢の 旅行を実現してみたい。
景気後退と、職場でのストレスの多いニューヨークから、 私達 は少し時間を取り、 この夢を実現させてみようと昨年10月に決めました。

I suggested that the best way of traveling is on a motorcycle, and my super supportive and sporty wife got into the idea... even though she has no idea what it's like to ride behind someone for an entire day...! I'm sure we'll make a lot of new friends—people are more friendly toward motorcyclists, probably because when they look at you with all your luggage, looking kind of dirty and disheveled... they assume you must already be a little crazy and decide to humor you!!



But anyway, we started to think, think, and think, and the expression, “gone fishing,” representing taking some time off to go catch some fish, a very patient activity… was the best way to express our concept for this trip!!
The only problem is that neither of us knows how to fish!!!! But since my wife has a passion for penguins, the story went like this:
C: "Hey Babe, I'll take you to the tip of Argentina on a bike...Patagonia!!"
T: "Is it cold? I want to surf!"
C: "Mmm... we just have to get there in the right months. You'll surf on the way there, and I can take you to see something..."
T: "Oooh, like what???"
C: "The penguinsss!!!"
T: "Yeaaaah!!!"
And that night, in the early stages of planning our trip, we decided would would just tell people that we'd...Gone Penguin!!
From NY to Ushuaia, Argentina is a very long adventure; like fishing, it will take time and patience... We want to take our time, so we don’t miss any discoveries along the route. Who knows, maybe we'll even learn some fishing skills! And when we get there, we'll take a lot of pictures with penguins. We promise!


I have always wanted to travel across America, so why not go to Argentina too, if I can?
Flying on an airplane costs a lot and leaves a huge carbon footprint. I think I have done enough damage to our planet, so I agree with Carlo—let's get there on a motorcycle!
Plus, a cross continental motorcycle diary sounds super gangsta! We'll be modern day hobos, stopping in surf towns to work, learning to farm, all the good stuff I’ve missed in last ten years working in the concrete jungle, New York City.

今まで行ってみたかった アメリカ クロスカントリー、でも もし機会があれば アルゼンチンにも行ってみたい。飛行機は 早いけど、かなり予算がないと。。。 それに 二酸化炭素排出量はかなり高いでしょう? 
今まで十分  地球にダメージしてるから すこしはグリーンに、と思っています。

This is the list of things I wanted to do when we got mary on April 22, 2008 last year! Carlo is taking me to Brazil, Grand Canyon, Cabo San Lucas, meet his mom in Pipa, and get to see him riding motorcycle everyday for one year!

これは私が 結婚したときに書いた(2008年4月22日、昨年です)これからやってみたい事のリストです!

list of toni

Gone Penguin Project | From New York to Patagonia
Gone Penguin Project | From New York to Patagonia